Winter it possible?

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Winter it possible?

So you need a new roof in Vermont and it is winter. This may seem impossible to you, but the truth is that roof installations can occur in the winter.  Like any other season roofing companies can work in winter conditions, it brings up some cautions and strains that the roofer must deal with but it certainly can be done. Here at Snow Country Roofing we work all year round. Some members of our team even prefer it.

After a large winter storm a homeowner can be left with needing to get their roof repaired. This is why roofing also needs to be able to be conducted during the colder months in Vermont. Some roofs can simply not wait until the spring. We at Snow Country roofing understand that and winter repair and replacement are always available to anyone who is in need. It is always recommended to replace your roof when it is needed, rather than waiting and potentially causing more damage.

Winter does bring up safety concerns. Things can tend to be slippery which is why it is important to hire a local roofer like Snow Country who understands what precautions to take. Similar to wearing protective gear for your skin in the summer, appropriate attire like boots and gloves, proper jackets and hand warmers keeps our crews safe and warm

Some homeowners are concerned that when the weather is too cold the shingles won’t settle and sit.  This is true in any weather below zero. We use specific shingles here at Snow Country that can withstand installation at these temperatures and will ensure effectiveness of your roofing materials. Our crews will never scramble to get a project complete, but understand the conditions they are working and plan accordingly.

If you are looking to get your roof installed and it is winter just ask your sales rep for some examples. We have a whole portfolio of projects that we have completed in the winter. We look forward to doing business with you.

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