Why are there dark streaks on my roof?

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Why are there dark streaks on my roof?

If you see streaks on your roof it is most likely due to algae growth. These streaks will result in discoloration that appears in the form of brown or black streaks. Algae is often mistaken for dirt or tree droppings but most of the time this is not the case. Roof discoloration that is caused by algae is very prevalent in the North East of the United States.

Now your next question is ???

Can You Remove Algae Discoloration from an Asphalt Roof?

There is a solution for removing algae discoloration and streaks from your roof. It is a mixture of chloride bleach and water. It is definitely a procedure that needs to be done by a professional. We at Snow Country Roofing of Burlington Vermont can help you to get the streaks off your roof. All you need to do is call us for a free estimate. 

The process of removing algae may not completely remove everything but you can lighten the look of the stains significantly. We recommend that our homeowners prepare for this in the following ways:

  1. Cover all ground vegetation including gardens and flowers beds that you do not want to get damaged during this procedure.
  2. Mixture should be a 1:1 mix.
  3. After the solution has been sprayed on the roof it should be left alone for about an hour.
  4. Do not under any circumstances use a pressure washer, you do not want to shorten the life of your roof by damaging it during this procedure.
  5. After the solution has soaked into the shingles of your roof, it should be carefully sprayed with water to remove the solution.
  6. This solution may need to be repeated depending on the extent of discoloration.

Are there algae resistant shingles?

Yes there are algae resistant shingles available when considering a roof replacement. If you have had problems with your roof having algae streaks before these shingles may be something that you want to consider. These shingles use copper lined mineral granules to reduce algae. At Snow Country Roofing in Burlington, Vermont we work with several shingle manufacturers that can provided a solution to your algae growth problems.

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