Is it safe to attach something to a shingle roof?

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Is it safe to attach something to a shingle roof?

It is a normal practice to attach things to the roof but as a matter of fact, it might not be okay to nail and hang things to a roof without properly understanding the implications of doing that to a roof. Roofs are made up of a number of different materials to help insulate your place against the external circumstances, and all those materials occur in layers in the cross-section of your roof. Before you decide to attach a flower bucket, a pitcher, a  security camera or light directly to a shingle roof, here are some things you need to consider.

What are the roofs made of?

Roofs are made up of a number of different materials according to the requirement of the structure and the prevailing climatic conditions where the roof is being made. Mostly, the roof is made up of a basic layer of concrete or wood and that is covered from either side in insulation material to help keep the climatic effects and other environmental elements out.  Shingle roof is particularly complex because of the shingle construction outside and delicate insulation and waterproofing materials inside.

Why nailing is dangerous?

If you try to attach something to your shingle roof, there is a high chance that you can end up damaging the roof or hurting yourself. The shingle roof has an intricate set up of different materials beneath the shingles that provide the roof its insulation properties. If you drive a nail or a screw into the roof you can damage the insulation and end up getting a leaky roof. Standing on the shingle roof without proper safety gear is also dangerous as you can slip and fall down and get a serious injury.

What can be the results of attaching things to the roof?

If you try to install a solar electric cell, a light or a security camera to a shingle roof, you can get the following results

  • You might do the job exactly the way it is meant to be done and get no negative outcomes of the process
  • You can fall off the roof and get seriously injured
  • You can end up destroying the roof’s waterproofing and get a leaky roof
  • In extreme cases, a DIY roof attachment project can end up razing the roof to the ground and with it everything above it

Final Thoughts:

In the end, it is your house and it is totally your choice to attach something to your roof but it is better to get the job done by someone who knows how to deal with the roofs. If you try to undertake the project on your own, chances are you can strike lucky and get the thing done without no peripheral damage but there are also chances that you might end up hurting yourself or inflicting great damage to the structure.

The price you pay a professional roofer for installing things to your roof is significantly lesser than the risk and damage you are expected to have by tackling the process on your own.

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